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The heat of summer has been escaping lately and we can finally enjoy some fresh nights here in Mostar. This makes evening around the house very enjoyable. Beni has been enjoying his time outside as well. We can relax on the porch, have dinner and listen to the wind in the trees. I love this part of year.

Summer Nights are mostly quiet and lonesome. When the sea goes to sleep so does the rush of day. The scenery does transform during this time of day, welcoming when which is most it comes to photography. These images were taken on the small island Krapanj. I'm welcoming you again to share your photos this week with the rest of us. I love visiting and seeing you visit each other. Have a great week!

I have said it many times, I love foggy landscapes, but even more so I love it when the fog is visible on water surfaces, like rivers and lakes. I rarely get the opportunity to take those shots, since I'm usually never near a lake or river early in the morning or evening. But I was on a drive this past week during the evening hours

When summer is kind to us like in the past few days, then you can really sit down and enjoy the sunsets in the evening or take a walk through the city and enjoy it all. Lately driving out of the city was more fruitful to me when it came to capturing sunsets. I hope to see you posts today and during the week since I always visit each and every link that is shared. I love the community one can form with these link ups. Thank you for participating.

Sometimes you venture out far to see something that can also be found very close to home. While on my way back home from visiting Trogir, I drove down this stretch of road of the Makarska Riviera which goes along the Adriatic Sea. I noticed some yachts in a small bay that had some crystal clear blue water. I parked the car and assembled my camera since it was already packed up. These views were in front of me...

Founded by Greek colonists in the 3d century BC, then called Tragurium, Trogir is a historic town and harbor on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. I visited it recently with my friend Selma and as we arrived the sun had already set a while ago, so our visit was during the night. Since 1997, the historic center of Trogir has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. It's a cozy, smaller version of an old town when compared to the close by Split or Dubrovnik further east.

I love visiting airports and everything about air travel. Of course If I'm only picking someone up like in the latest case, when I took these images, I'm not the happiest. But nevertheless I spent some time on the Split Airport in the evening. Busy airport life is interesting to observe. People are rushing by, catching planes, and arriving into town. Of course there is the modern shine of the airport contrasted with the palm trees and surrounding sea which is also very interesting. I hope you'll enjoy these and I'm looking forward to your shares this week.

When summer is inviting as it is here in South Europe, the you are obliged to go for a swim in the sea once in a while. Croatia has some wonderful places along the Adriatic Coastline, that offer themselves up for a visit. I visited the small town Podstrana in Croatia. It's really just some houses, hotels and private accommodations dotted along the Adriatic Sea, but all in all the natural beaches there can't be beat.

Modern city life has it's beauty and charm. Everything is clean and well organized, buildings are new and life is easy. But there is also something to be said about older alleys and city corners where time is standing still or better yet is showing the age and decay of the city. While Mostar is generally well maintained with the old town being the crowing jewel you can find lots of texture and old paths if you venture outside of the city center.

Nightfall is always mysterious. The Night isn't just a veil of darkness. Night changes everything. The mood and atmosphere are different, people have different habits, and only the glow of artificial light punctuates the blackness. I find the night soothing and love to do all sorts of work then. The days are just too hot and harsh, so I'm only filled with energy when the sun goes down. Thank you all for visiting and linking in. I'm curious to see what your corners of the world look like these days...

When summer rolls around baking goes out of the window mostly. You simply don't want to fiddle about in the kitchen or heat the oven. I'm personally more concentrated on making cold treats (more of which you will see in the upcoming posts), but this cake is the exception to the rule. It's easy to make, uses fresh seasonal fruit and there isn't a lot of work around it. Actually you simply make the batter and lay the fruit on top and bake it in the oven. Doesn't get simpler then that. 

The end result is a melting and soft vanilla cake layer and a fresh tasting fruit layer on top. This cake comes highly recommended and is modified from a recipe by Laura Vitale. I hope you will enjoy it, it was gone within two days in our house!

When summer  hits Mostar, two things can happen. We either get very high, dry heat (which is more common) or we get rain storms (which are less common). Somewhere in between lie days like today, when we have calmer temperatures. This gives plenty of time to go out for walks. Especially the evenings are very nice then. I captured these shots on my way back home from a walk. This is the 52nd Through My Lens, and it has been one year since we started all of this. It's unbelievable how much the link up has grown in one year. I want to thank each and every one for visiting and linking in. Expect some new recipes and travel posts in the upcoming posts this week. 

I'm going low key today with a single image, which I haven't done in a long time :) It's usually more extensive posts here. But since I'm preparing some bigger posts I wanted to go simple for a moment. Summer nights are always interesting to observe, especially when there is a full moon in the sky like it was yesterday night. In the shot above I let the clouds roll by for a good 20 seconds, and since it was windy it resulted in a blurry motion. The clouds hid the full moon, which illuminated them from behind.

Since the days are getting hotter here, so do the nights, but last night was a bit nicer. As I went to bed I could still look up at the sky and the full moon lit everything up so clearly. In those quiet moments falling asleep is such a easy and wonderful task...

We have had really enjoyable days here in Mostar lately. No heat just wonderful summer days. Tourists from all over the world are swarming into the city now and the Old Town of Mostar is filled with them. I took these shots last night while out, and I hope to share more in the upcoming post. Until then, please feel free to link in and share sights from your corner of the world.
Summer at the seaside is both enjoyable and beautiful. Especially in the evenings when the sun starts to set and the atmosphere calms down. If you happen to be at a spot where you can see the sun low and deep orange then you will be really happy. Those sights are the most precious ones. These images were taken in Zablace, Croatia. I was visiting a fortress close by, and on my way back the sun started to set. Luckily I had my tripod close by. I hope you'll enjoy them.

We are rounding things out at Through My Lens this week, as the 50th edition is happily entering this world. This also means that in two weeks the meme will be one year old (but that's a separate post). I want to thank each and every one of you who links in and shares their world with me and the rest of us. I'm always happy to browse through and take a peek at your posts and images. So in that sense, let us once again see what life looks like through your lens.

Btw. these images are from the amazing Fortress of St. Nikola in Sibenik. For a in-depth look check out my full post here.

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As the night went on we tracked bravely into the uncharted (at least they were for us) inner parts of the old town of Split. You have to imagine (although you can see some of it) narrow streets, intertwining, merging and leading away. Sometimes a feeling of orientation can help you to be guided along, other times there are signs pointing the way. Whatever the case may be I hope you'll enjoy our exploration of the inner city of Split as well as our way out of it.

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A Night Out in Split [Part 2/2]

This past weekend was filled with a visit to Podstrana and Split, a town and city on the Adriatic sea and just a two hour drive away from Mostar. My friends and I booked a stay in the Pension Amigos in Podstrana located right on the beach. From there it was only a 10 minute drive to Split, where we spent a great night out. I have shown Split during day previously on this blog, but this time it was not only nighttime, but we also ventured further into the labyrinth that is the old town of Split I hope you will enjoy these.

This is a two part travel series. Click below for more:
A Night Out in Split [Part 1/2]
A Night Out in Split [Part 2/2]

Summer Days are more then here. Not only are we experiencing hot days, but the humidity has been crazy off the charts as well. This draws me to the seaside a lot, and this past weekend my friends and I made a small trip down the Adriatic Coast, more of which you will see in the upcoming post. For now let me invite you to an all new edition of Through my Lens. I welcome you all to link in your posts and share with others!

Summer in the city, any city, can be lovely. Sun, warm weather wardrobes, and rooftop bars. But, it can also mean gaggles of eager tourists, sweltering heat, and packed cars. Everyone needs a way to escape the mid-summer metropolitan mayhem. In that sense I wanted to list some of my favorite summer destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Of course the usual tourist spots are always fun, but when the heat of summer rolls around you will want to escape to other spots.